What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

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What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

Imagine you’re face-to-face with a person whose face has gone beat red. Their eyes are open but are glossed over like they’re not all there.

These are just two of the signs that someone’s gone into a hypnotic trance.

I enjoy doing hypnosis with some of the hardest hypnotees out there: random people on the street who’ve never met me before.

When they volunteer, they’re usually fuzzy on what hypnosis is (most people are… even hypnotists sometimes), and they usually have a few questions.

One of the questions they sometimes ask is what does hypnosis feel like, and “Are you actually going to make me fall asleep?”

The sleep you have at night is very different from when I say “sleep!” to a hypnotee and having them zonk out (“zonk” being the technical term for it. ;-) Here’s a video of that in action:


The biggest difference is when you’re asleep you’re unconscious. When you’re in hypnosis, you’re still aware and can hear everything around you.

I had one hypnotee who popped themselves out of trance. When I asked them what happened, they said, “I wasn’t hypnotized. I could still hear your voice!”

If someone’s in trance, it’s good for them to still hear my voice. It’d be pretty difficult if they couldn’t!

What does hypnotic trance feel like?

Ok, ok, so what does going into a hypnotic trance really feel like? You know you can be aware of everything I’m saying during it, but how does it feel?

Close your eyes for a few moments and open them again.

Go ahead.

Did you do it? If so, that’s pretty close to what it feels like! It doesn’t have to feel like anything.

Every hypnotee is different, and can experience it different ways. I could suggest that trance feels a certain way – and I frequently do, so the hypnotee’s guaranteed to feel good, comfortable, and relaxed.

Other than that, sometimes people say they feel like they’re floating, or like they were dreaming. A recent client who only wanted to experience hypnosis said afterward, “It felt weird… I was consciously trying to not do what you told me to, but then I did it anyway! It was weird, but felt good.”

That’s the power of the unconscious mind at work. If we consciously want to do something, but our unconscious wants the opposite, who do you think wins out?

Pretend you don’t want to eat that piece of chocolate or snack. You know you shouldn’t, and you try to hold out, and suddenly you find yourself giving into it.

That’s where the power of hypnosis comes in – instead of fighting your powerful unconscious mind, why not have it help you?

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Whether it’s for fear of flying, fear of public speaking, or to quit smoking or lose weight, your unconscious mind can help you instead of holding you back. Hypnosis works with the unconscious mind directly, which is what makes it so powerful.

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