Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Clients


Other clients Mark’s worked with

“After dealing with some political issues at work, I went to Mark to help me move on in a positive manner. The comfort I felt in discussing close personal matters with him was instantaneous. We poured over so many issues from my seventeen year career and he was so very intuitive and patient. I had no idea how much his skill set would help free me from some severe professional shackles. I would recommend him to anyone who wants some help solving some of life’s hurdles.” – Dave Johnson, the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund, Founder

“For most of my life, I have been able to accomplish goals that I have set for myself, but something has always kept me from truly fulfilling my heart’s desires.  Fear is a vicious cycle, whether it is self-doubt, old beliefs or even of success.  These are the limits that can and are being broken with a successful partnership with Mark!  … I have made some great insights into my own behavior which has shaped how I move in relationships with my job, family and friends. ” – Chris Bobko   

“It’s easy for people to tell you to be confident, to say let it go or just don’t worry about it. Mark goes beyond the well-meaning superficial and offers strategies to help cope and push through. I think what is really empowering is being held accountable for – and frankly discovering – what makes you tick as a person. Really knowing yourself is step one. Step two is following through. Mark can help you – and has helped me! – along the way.” – Ellen Keeble, Tethys Media, Founder

“For me, Mark has been a wonderful coach, helping me to go through, or around, my own obstacles. He has provided me with a toolkit, a set of techniques that has really improved the way I see and deal with some of the barriers that have stopped me. I have less anxiety about things, and feel as though I’m better prepared to deal with challenges that I face. Although my journey is not over, I’m happy to have Mark by my side to guide me along the way.”  – Todd Serge

I came to Mark with a lack of motivation to go out and explore personal interests and do things I normally enjoy… Over the course of three months, Mark assisted me in finding new interests and revisiting things I’d once found enjoyable. His ability to help me out of a rut was largely due to tuning into key parts of our conversations. He was able to guide me to not just acknowledge, but also address issues standing in my path. Now I am capable of motivating myself to go out and participate in activities I enjoy. By discussing the things that held me back, I understand their origins, how to get past them, and to relax and have fun.” – Chrissy Taylor