Sales and Speaking Confidence

You can take two salespeople with the same skills, and one can drastically outperform the other. The difference isn’t in how they try to sell or the content of their presentations, it’s what’s going on in their heads.

If you want to have greater sales successes, it’s key to get rid of your head junk and be confident, focused, and have the mental toughness so you can give it your best… and not just on the first cold call of the day, but the 50th as well. 

Mark Reagan can work with you to perform at your best when the pressure’s on, beat fears and doubts, and even get out of those mental slumps.

Mark Reagan works with salespeople and speakers of all kinds so they can develop a success mindset, and he uses mental techniques and hypnosis to draw out your own inner resources so you can be in the zone of peak selling performance when it matters most.

Get the edge over your competition

Hypnosis has been the secret contributing to behind the success of many famous people. Athletes such as Tiger Woods have used to perform better under pressure, singer Adele used it to get over stage fright, and even Winston Churchill was said to have used it to handle stress during WWII.

Hypnosis isn’t something that’s done to you, it’s mental training to bring out the resources you already have.

You, too, can get the same advantage these high-performers sought out to get the edge over their competition, using it for sales and speaking success.

When you work with Mark, you will learn to:

Stay cool under pressure when it matters most

Beat pre-presentation and cold calling nerves

Feel more connected with your current and potential clients

Get past mental blocks and out of slumps

Develop mental toughness to quickly bounce back from setbacks and failures

Get rid of your head junk and manage negativity, doubts, and fears

Improve focus and concentration

And more

In addition, Mark is a speaker and 2016 International Speech Contest Denver Division champion, and can provide speech coaching in addition to mental performance training. 

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Money Back Guarantee

While results vary between individuals, Mark is confident your performance will improve. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your sessions, he offers a half-back money guarantee and will refund half your investment.