Is Hypnosis Safe?

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is hypnosis safe

Is Hypnosis Safe?

You know what it’s like when you don’t know very much about a subject?

Maybe you become a little unsure of it, and depending on what it is, maybe it’s a little scary.

Hypnosis is the same way. Not many people know much about it, and because of that, it can be frightening. As people, we do tend to fear the unknown.

I get to see this a lot when I’m out doing street hypnosis. There are 3 types of people I run into when doing it:

  1. People who are excited about it.
  2. People who don’t believe in it or just don’t care.
  3. People whose eyes go wide when they learn I’m a hypnotist and sometimes say, “Oh hell no!”

Those people who are scared of it have every right to be. After all, their exposure to hypnosis is probably of a guy in a movie or TV show with a pocket watch taking over someone’s mind.

In general, hypnosis is very safe. Before we get to a few stage safety issues, there’s some concerns about hypnosis people tend to have that I always clear up before working with them – even if they’re one of those gung-ho people who can’t wait to get started.

Concerns About Hypnosis

There are 4 common concerns people have about hypnosis. They are: Can hypnosis make me do anything? Will I start saying things I don’t want other people to know? Can I get stuck in hypnosis? And: Will you embarrass me?

Here are the answers to each one of those:

Can I Get Stuck in Hypnosis?

Nope. No one’s ever gotten stuck in hypnosis. People can be put into trance for sometimes hours at a time, but they’re not stuck there like Sleeping Beauty.

If I hypnotized you and walked away, you would come out of it all on your own, or if you were in a really comfortable spot you might fall asleep instead.

Can Hypnosis Really Make You Do and Say Anything?

Absolutely not. Sometimes people think when they’re hypnotized they’re going to open the floodgates and all their secrets are going to start flooding out.

They won’t, unless for some reason the hypnotee actually wanted that to happen.

If there’s something your subconscious doesn’t want to do, you’re not going to do it. This is especially true when it’s something against your morals and beliefs.

If I hypnotized you, and then suggested to you to sign over your house, car, or write out a $10,000 check to me, you’re going to say no.

For one hypnotee, I was doing a routine where I tell them they’re “borrowing” some things of mine and I’d like them returned. They’ll hand over rings, jackets, and that kind of thing.

They’ll do it because deep down they know I’m not going to walk off with their stuff, especially when there’s a crowd of people watching.

One time without thinking about it, I tried to do it with a woman’s purse. She didn’t even tell me no – she flat out ignored me instead!

Will You Embarrass Me in a Hypnosis Stage Show?

I won’t, but this depends on the hypnotist. Only a hypnotist who’s being cruel will intentionally embarrass a volunteer.

In my own shows, I make it a policy to never embarrass my volunteers. In a show though, every volunteer should definitely bring their sense of humor with them on stage.

You’re probably thinking that’s great and all – but what about injuries?

Is Stage Hypnosis Dangerous?

Stage hypnosis isn’t dangerous by itself, but as a hypnotist it’s important to take care of my volunteers and make sure they’re safe.

I don’t want anyone to fall off stage, collide with each other, or collapse and fall while being hypnotized.

For that last one, some volunteers go so deep so quickly they can collapse with a touch, so I have to make sure they’re supported, either sitting in a chair (or I’m there to catch them like when I’m doing street hypnosis and they’re standing).

There’s also a few routines that while they can be done, probably shouldn’t be with any volunteers.

In hypnosis, I can make someone completely numb and not feel anything, even if it’s pain. I could have someone hold out their hand and hold a match or a candle under it and they wouldn’t notice.

I don’t do that, because if I wasn’t careful I could burn them.

There’s also a routine where they hypnotist makes someone’s body go completely stiff and rigid (which is full body catalepsy). They then suspend that person between 2 chairs… and stand on them like they’re a plank of wood.

The problem with it is you don’t necessarily know what kind of condition that person’s body is in. It’s a flashy routine, but to me it’s not worth injuring a volunteer for.

As part of working with my volunteers and clients, I always try and ask them if they have any back/neck issues. If they do, they shouldn’t volunteer for a stage show, and if they’re a client I can then work around their injuries and keep everyone safe.

One small side effect that can happen is what’s called “hypnotic hangover.” What happens is when a hypnotist doesn’t bring their subjects out of hypnosis properly, sometimes they can feel odd, almost like they have a light hangover.

That’s easy to avoid though – all the hypnotist has to do is take a few extra moments when bringing their hypnotee to full wakefulness.

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