Is Hypnosis Real?

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is hypnosis real

Is Hypnosis Real

You should’ve been there.

I was performing during the First Friday Art Walk on Santa Fe here in Denver, and a young woman and her guy friend came up (not boyfriend – she told me a few times they were definitely not together).

She was excited to give hypnosis a shot. Before we did anything, the guy she was rolled his eyes and said, “This is total bull****.” 

The woman still wanted to go on, but as I started to hypnotize her, her friend started going off: “This is f****** fake bull****!”

She apologized for him, “I’m so sorry, I just met him tonight…”

But the damage was done. He killed the mood, and I asked him to leave.

He’s the only person I’ve had get angry about hypnosis, but he’s not the only one who thinks like that. Plenty of people out there think hypnosis is fake.

So is hypnosis real or fake?

Is Hypnosis Fake?

If you expected me to say hypnosis is real, you’re right. If your idea of it is to be like in movies or TV with a guy swinging a watch, hypnotizing people to become mindless zombies under his control… then not so much.

While a watch can be used to hypnotize people, it’s not necessary. And as a hypnotist, I can’t make hypnotees do whatever I want them to.

(If you’re curious about what hypnosis feels like, click here)

If you see a hypnosis stage show, it might look like the people on stage are completely under my control. The truth is, their unconscious mind will follow the suggestions because it wants to – it’s fun, it feels good, and they get to be the stars of the show free from the inhibitions that might normally hold them back.

That’s probably not going to convince you hypnosis is real though.

Hypnosis Evidence

Luckily, there is proof hypnosis is real.

There’s plenty of research that’s been done on hypnosis that shows it’s effective helping people in a lot of different ways. Until recently though, researchers had a hard time finding evidence that showed hypnosis was a distinct state of mind.

In 2016, researchers at Stanford used an fMRI (function magnetic resonance imaging) to scan the brains of people in hypnotic trance.

The results were that they found changes in neural activity in the parts of the brain responsible for focusing attention, emotional control, and self-consciousness.

So if you were wondering if stage hypnosis is fake (or any other kind of hypnosis), it’s not.

What Can Hypnosis Do?

One of the most fun things I like to do with hypnosis is put on a show, whether it’s on the street or a stage.

Even in a light hypnotic trance people can easily make their limbs completely immovable, they can become “stuck” to objects like they’ve been super glued to them, and they can have an emotional shift like being brought to uncontrollable laughter like this guy:

In deeper states of trance, people can outright hallucinate. They can be made to see something that’s not there like taking a drink from a bottle of water that doesn’t exist, or removing something that is there, like when I have the hypnotee hallucinate that I’m invisible.

In a clinical hypnosis session, suggestions can be given to help someone stop smoking or I can dig deep with them and remove the source of what’s causing their fear of flying.

Denver Hypnotherapy

What can hypnosis help you with? Do you want to get over a fear like fear of public speaking? Or do you want to reduce the stress is your life, or even lose weight?

As a Denver Colorado hypnotist, I can help. Click here to learn more about the services I offer, or call me at 720-382-0223 for a free consultation.

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