Hypnosis for Pain Relief


If you have chronic pain, you know the effect it’s having on you. It might be a constant discomfort or completely debilitating.

Pain can prevent you from living life to its fullest, keep you awake at night, and become something you’re just used to having day in and day out. Worse, painkillers might not be very effective, and they could be addictive.

Hypnosis can help. 

Your mind plays a large part in how you experience pain, and the mental distress the pain causes can make it worse.

For a great explanation on how your brain can increase the pain we feel, check out this TEDx Talk by Dr. Lorimer Moseley, a neuroscientist who studies pain:

If you’re tired of living in constant pain, it’s time for an approach that works with your mind. 

Hypnotist Mark Reagan can help relieve your pain, often completely and in minutes.

Other times he can help you greatly reduce your pain. This can be the case if there’s a physical component that needs to be looked at, or if something is happening to continually aggravate the area. 

For you to have even more relief from your pain (if needed), Mark refers out to Dr. Eric Avery, a mobile physical therapist who targets physical therapy to your specific needs and mindset so you’re healthy and pain free in less time than you might be going to a clinic.

Hypnosis can help you live a life free of chronic pain.

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