Hypnosis for Emotional Eating


You know how good it would be to lose the weight you want. How you’ll have more energy. Look the way you want and fit into those close you’ve been wanting to.

Not to mention how good it would be for your health.

But losing weight isn’t always easy.

Emotional eating and cravings can get in the way. You might be eating more than you need to because of stress or anxiety. When cravings like that come up it can be hard to stay motivated to diet and exercise, and you might be tempted to slip into old habits. It might get to the point where you say to yourself, “Why bother?”  

With hypnosis I can help you to get past emotional eating and cravings, and teach you self-hypnosis to deal with them all on your own if they ever come up again.

For additional lifestyle changes to help you lose the weight and keep it off, Mark can refer you out to different health coaches and nutritionists, including Dr. Eric Avery, who is a Diet Terminator certified coach.

You can overcome emotional eating and take control of your weight.

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