From Street Hypnosis to Stage Hypnosis Shows

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street to stage hypnosis shows

From Street Hypnosis to Stage Hypnosis Shows

When I started doing hypnosis a year ago, it started off slow. First I was just going out and doing street hypnosis on the First Friday Art Walk.

I still go out on the Art Walk every month – it’s fun, and I get to meet (and hypnotize) people from all over the city. I also go out to other events.

Some large events don’t work out well: This past week I hit up Denver’s  City Park Jazz before the band started playing. Lots of people, but they’re mostly either camped out with friends/family and don’t want to move, or have hands full of food, so there wasn’t much interest. But other small events like Aurora’s Food Truck Rodeo have been great.

Doing street hypnosis is a lot of fun, and it’s something I plan on keeping up. One of the reasons I started doing street hypnosis though was for practice. Not just to practice hypnotizing people, but to get experience of doing it in front of an audience.

It was my goal to go from doing street hypnosis to doing full hypnosis shows on stage. It’s funny because everything I heard said that street hypnosis is the hardest kind to do.

No Expectations

On the street, people don’t expect you to be there. They can’t build anticipation to be hypnotized in advance. Even if they’re volunteering on the street they might become suddenly embarrassed when they realize people have gathered around them.

People sometimes will also only volunteer individually. While nearly everyone can be hypnotized, not everyone goes into it very deep, very fast, and in public.

So I hope people will do it as a group so I can see who’s going to be best at it, but it doesn’t always work out. Also, when people do it in a group there’s a type of peer pressure (as well as safety in numbers) to go into hypnosis that helps me bring people down into it faster.

Either way, doing street hypnosis has really helped me prepare for moving up to get in front of larger audiences.

Local Service Clubs

I started reaching out to local service clubs like Rotary and Optimists. Normally they book speakers a couple months out, but thanks to some other speakers cancelling I was able to get in much sooner. I’ve spoken to two clubs in the past two weeks, and have been booked by 5 others so far over the next couple of months. They’ve gone great so far, and here’s a short clip of me hypnotizing some volunteers from my meeting this past week at the Wheat Ridge Rotary Club.

It’s been a lot of fun speaking to these groups, and I’m excited to speak to more.

Beyond that though, I’m enjoying working my way up and I already have some shows on the books!

This week I’m doing a 45 minute show for my Toastmaster club’s End of Year party (our “year” ends in summer). Crossing my fingers that enough people show up to make it a good show, but I’m sure everyone will still have a great time.

I also have a few other events coming up as well. I’ll be doing impromptu hypnosis throughout the evening at Katie’s Night, a benefit for animal conservation. That’s going to be a blast, and I *might* have a full hour show in September. Crossing my fingers on that one.

Once I have footage of myself doing a show that I can use to market myself, my plan is to start working on getting myself booked (and paid) for high school shows.

While last year started off slow for me, it’s now jumped into a higher gear and my schedule is getting pretty busy. It’s a nice change of pace, and I’m excited to get out there more and more and hypnotize all the people I can.

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