Denver Street Hypnosis Round Up First Friday Art Walk and More

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Denver hypnosis first friday artwalk

First Friday Art Walk Denver Hypnosis

I wish you could’ve been there. A crowd of 15-20 people had gathered around, and he stepped forward. He tells his friend, “I want to do this.”

He comes up to me, and I start talking to him about hypnosis. A few minutes later he’s drifted off into a deep trance, and I’m putting on a show with my new hypnosis rock star.

I love hypnotizing people whether it’s to help them lose the weight they want to, or entertaining others. And that last one often takes place right on the street with people I’m meeting for the first time.

Street Hypnosis at the First Friday Art Walk on Santa Fe

I went to two different events to do street hypnosis yesterday.

The first is my favorite, and I try to make it down every week. It’s the First Friday Art Walk on Santa Fe. I’ve posted a few videos from it before, like this one from last month’s:

I usually meet up with a few other hypnotists for it. Last month, the spot we got was killer. On the corner of Santa Fe and 9th (near the food trucks), there’s plenty of space for people to gather around and watch without getting in the way of the foot traffic.

The spot was already taken by the time we got there this week. We tried to set up nearby, and it was going pretty well until a singer/guitar player set up across the street.

She’s there pretty often. She’s a young girl, and talented! But she got a new amp for her guitar, and it was loud enough to hear from a couple blocks away. Being directly in front of it (even if from across the street), was uncomfortable, and we had to yell over her playing to be heard.

We decided to move down a block to a new spot. Besides the limited space we had, it worked well (even with the African drummers playing on the opposite corner).

One thing that helped a lot is I bought a new sign to take with me. Without a sign, it’s awkward to try and get people as they walk by. With it, it’s kind of like a magnet to draw them in.

If you’re ever out and see this, come on up and say hi (and maybe get hypnotized!).

mark reagan denver hypnosis free sign
The new spot wasn’t too bad, but the owner of the building we were in front of came out and blamed us for taking traffic away from the upstairs gallery. I don’t think we were (it’s not like we were blocking their doorway), and I think it had more to do with they placed their own sign behind a bus stop bench where you could only see it from one direction.

Either way, we moved closer to the curb like she asked. We had some great groups, like this group of teenagers that all went into hypnosis together:

In addition to the First Friday Art Walk, yesterday I also checked out an event earlier in the day that was a lot closer to me.

Aurora Food Truck Rodeo

My girlfriend follows a food truck on Instagram that posted they were going to be at the Aurora Food Truck Rodeo, so I decided to go check it out. I spent an hour there, and had some fantastic volunteers which you can see below.

I’ll definitely be going to it again over the summer, and I’ll be looking for other events as well.


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