5 Ways You’re Stressing Out Your Employees (Unintentionally)

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Stressing Out Your Employees

I’m working in my section of the warehouse. It’s my part-time job while I’m in college, and the vice-president/warehouse manager of the small company walks up to me. “I want to see you in my office.” My heart starts pounding, and my hands get sweaty. What did I do? Am I about to be fired? Following him to his office, he closes the door behind me and sits at his desk. “You’ve been doing an awesome job. We’re giving you a raise.” Great news! It would’ve been even better if he didn’t stress me out before hand. He didn’t mean … Read More

How to Thrive in a World of Stressed Out People

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What to do when everyone else is stressed

My girlfriend’s tense. I’m in a hurry, and I’ve come into her home office to talk a moment before I head out. Her tone of voice changes, and I can feel her withdraw. “What’s wrong?” I ask. “When you get into a rush it stresses me out.” If I get into a hurry, it’s usually because I feel like I’m going to be late. As a kid, the adults in my life were always running behind. Whether it was picking me up from school, or going to a movie, we were rarely on time. It doesn’t matter why they were … Read More

The Secret of How to Overcome Performance Anxiety

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How to Overcome Performance Anxiety

Last night I competed in a speech contest. I’m part of Toastmasters. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an organization that helps people develop their public speaking and leadership skills. This month kicks off Toastmasters’ contest season, and I competed last night in the first round at my local club. It’s my first time competing, and I was stressed to say the least. So were all the other contestants. One of them said to me, “I have never been this nervous.” Whether you call it nerves, say you’ve got “butterflies” in our stomach or are tense, it’s all stress … Read More

Don’t Do This One Thing While Stressed

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I didn’t see much of my friends that year. It was early summer, and I flew to Wisconsin to spend time with the woman I was in love with. I came back heartbroken, because it turned out she was in love with another guy and that left me out in the cold. The situation sucked. But this isn’t a mushy post about how lovelorn I was, it was what I did afterward that I shouldn’t have. I came back stressed out. That stress stayed with me for months. I had really liked her, I couldn’t get the situation out of … Read More

How Much Stress is Too Much?

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how much stress is too much

I’m on a late flight back from California. A man in his early 30s with jet black hair sits next to me. Let’s call him Steve. The bags under Steve’s eyes are thick. He hasn’t slept much the last few days, he’s recovering from a cold, and he’s a little loopy. Instead of resting, he tells me he can never sleep on planes and starts talking to me. And I ask him questions. Lots of questions (I’m a coach, after all!). Steve is stressed out. He flew home for a day to see his family and was immediately flying back … Read More

7 Unintentional Ways You’re Stressing Yourself Out

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7 Unintentional Ways You're Stressing Yourself OUt

I’m behind the counter, sorting through some of my CDs from the backroom. “Where’d you put it?” It’s my first job at retail, and I can’t find what I’m looking for. My coworker Richard’s played a couple of pranks on me before, taking things and hiding them. “What?” Richard said. “Where’d you put it?” “What are you talking about?” “I knew you took it. Where did you put it?” He face turned tomato red and he laughed. I thought it meant he was lying. I got more angry at him, more flustered… and then found the CD had fallen behind some … Read More