Does Hypnosis Put You To Sleep?

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Does hypnosis put you to sleep

Does Hypnosis Put You to Sleep? He slumped over in his chair. I told him “Sleep!” and he had closed his eyes just like the three other volunteers I had brought up to the front of the room. I was doing my hypnosis demonstration for the Rotary club I was speaking at that afternoon, but my first volunteer was doing something different than the others. He was doing nothing. Other than that “sleep” suggestion I gave toward the start of the demo, he just stayed slumped over, not following a single suggestion. So does hypnosis put you to sleep? Depths … Read More

Does Hypnotherapy Work?

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does hypnotherapy work

Does Hypnotherapy work? If you’re interested in hypnotherapy, whether it’s to get over a fear, lose weight, stop smoking, or whatever else, you’re probably wondering about a few big things: Does hypnotherapy work? And will hypnotherapy work for me? If you’re worried hypnosis might not work, or that it’s just some “woo woo” mumbo jumbo, there’s a ton of research showing it’s a valid method of treatment. Here’s some of that research. Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss A 1996 analysis of multiple studies by Kirsch looked at the effectiveness of hypnosis when combined with other treatments. The results were clear: With … Read More

Is Hypnosis Safe?

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is hypnosis safe

Is Hypnosis Safe? You know what it’s like when you don’t know very much about a subject? Maybe you become a little unsure of it, and depending on what it is, maybe it’s a little scary. Hypnosis is the same way. Not many people know much about it, and because of that, it can be frightening. As people, we do tend to fear the unknown. I get to see this a lot when I’m out doing street hypnosis. There are 3 types of people I run into when doing it: People who are excited about it. People who don’t believe … Read More

Is Hypnosis Real?

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is hypnosis real

Is Hypnosis Real You should’ve been there. I was performing during the First Friday Art Walk on Santa Fe here in Denver, and a young woman and her guy friend came up (not boyfriend – she told me a few times they were definitely not together). She was excited to give hypnosis a shot. Before we did anything, the guy she was rolled his eyes and said, “This is total bull****.”  The woman still wanted to go on, but as I started to hypnotize her, her friend started going off: “This is f****** fake bull****!” She apologized for him, “I’m so … Read More

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

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What does hypnosis feel like spiral

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like? Imagine you’re face-to-face with a person whose face has gone beat red. Their eyes are open but are glossed over like they’re not all there. These are just two of the signs that someone’s gone into a hypnotic trance. I enjoy doing hypnosis with some of the hardest hypnotees out there: random people on the street who’ve never met me before. When they volunteer, they’re usually fuzzy on what hypnosis is (most people are… even hypnotists sometimes), and they usually have a few questions. One of the questions they sometimes ask is what does hypnosis … Read More