How African Violets Can Change Your Life

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Milton Erickson and the African Violet Lady In the early 1900s a little boy walked through a field of deep snow on his way to school. Others had walked through the field before him, and he was following in their tracks. He paused, looked at the tracks, and asked, “Why?” Why was he following the tracks? Was it just because it was easier? Or was it something else? He had an idea. The next time it snowed, he headed out before anyone else so the snow was still fresh. Instead of going straight through the snow he zig-zagged. Would the … Read More

When Your Standards Are Too High (and When They’re Not High Enough)

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How to tell your standards are too high

Each week I have a call with my accountability partner. We give updates on our current projects and goals, and talk about any obstacles we run into. This past call, we ended up talking about standards. In this case, we talked about standards being too high to the point they can hold us back, cause unnecessary stress, and even stop us from trying at all. The Curse of Too High Standards Standards can be a great thing as I’ll write about below. But sometimes they keep us completely stuck or run us ragged. Here’s one of the “too high” standards … Read More

How Wanting To Be a Rockstar At Everything is Ruining Your Life (Part 1)

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People at rock concert

So you want to be a rockstar.   You want to be a rockstar at home. At work. In bed. When making dinner. In yoga class. At school. While walking your dog. In bed. When buying groceries. When stuck in traffic. When in the audience of a rock concert. Did I mention in bed?   Everyday we’re inundated with images of famous people. It could be Twitter telling me to follow Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga popping up on the news, or seeing celebrities I’ve never heard of on magazines at the grocery. As I write this, smack on the top … Read More

Why You Suck at Being Happy and What to Do About It

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Sad grey woman

547,000,000.   It’s almost double the population of the entire United States. It’s also the number of results Google brings up when you search for “How to Be Happy.”   I think if there’s one, single thing everyone wants, it’s to be happy. Sometimes we go about it in good ways, like helping others and practicing gratitude. Other times we go about it in ways that hurt others.   All to make ourselves feel better.   There’s plenty of articles on being happy, from “Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Happy,” to “The 15 Habits of Incredibly Happy People.” There’s good info in … Read More