Are You Burned Out or Just Bored?

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burned out or just bored

Back in 2014 I was still teaching Salsa dancing to adults. I didn’t have very many students (each class had around four to six people), but I had enough to pay the studio rental and make a little extra on top of that. At one point I wanted HUGE classes. Thriving classes with 20 or more people in each one. I knew what I needed to do to have that many – get my act together online. Advertise. Network more. I wasn’t doing much of any of it, and at the end of 2014 I stopped teaching dance to move … Read More

What to Do When You Feel Like Quitting

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What to do when you feel like quitting

Ever get so stressed out or frustrated at work you wanted to quit on the spot? During college I worked part time in a warehouse full of comic books. We had millions of them. Most college jobs aren’t very glamorous, and as fun as comics can be the warehouse was anything but. In the summer it was a furnace. Every time it rained the roof leaked. Some employees had been there in the same position for 20 years and despised it. And the owner was like Michael Scott from The Office, who while hilarious to watch on TV, was not … Read More

The Price of Being Comfortable

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The Price of Being Comfortable

I’m going to let you in on a personal secret. The past few months I’ve been writing about stress and my past experiences with it, and now I’m narrowing in to also help people who feel burned out at their job since it goes hand-in-hand with stress. I don’t want this to turn into a PSA about how bad burnout is (we KNOW it’s bad), so here’s what happened.   I’ve gotten burned out too many times… but I realized over the past few weeks I had been getting burned out again, this time on coaching. On my business. On … Read More

What is Burnout and What Causes It?

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What is burnout and what causes it

Have you ever run yourself ragged? You might toil away day after day at your job, feeling overworked and underappreciated. Or that you have to prove yourself and always give your best no matter the task. As you keep pushing yourself, keep fighting against the stress, you find yourself… exhausted. Burnout can happen to the best of us. I had a writing client recently who has an achieved an amazing amount of success by the age of 32. He’s traveled to over 60 countries. He’s one of the top salesman at his company and through that and his investments makes … Read More

How Do I Tell I’m Getting Burned Out

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How do I tell I'm getting burned out

It’s 2014. March. Work offered me a promotion and I took it. My employer is increasing my pay to the highest it’s ever been. For the first time in my life I’m getting paid vacation. Sick days. Benefits. You might’ve noticed from my photos I don’t have the best teeth. You should’ve seen them before I had dental! Life. Was. Amazing. Little did I know that six months late I would be completely burned out. Worse, a year later I would be having an emotional breakdown from it. Before my girlfriend left for work that day, she asked, “Are you … Read More