Can Hypnosis Change Your Eye Color?

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can hypnosis change your eye color

Can Hypnosis Change Your Eye Color?

If you’ve ever wondered what hypnosis can do and did a Youtube search for it, you might have come across a video like this:

This video has more than 460,000 views, and if you search youtube for something like “how to change your eye color using hypnosis” or “can hypnosis change your eye color?” brings up nearly 55,000 results.

If you could change your eye color, that would be amazing! So do these videos work? Can hypnosis change your eye color?

The Limits of Hypnosis

Yes! Hypnosis can change your eye color… sort of. But not like any of those 50,000+ videos are claiming to do.

Your unconscious mind is very powerful. With hypnosis you can even dull pain and create numbness, even to the point where a man can lay down in a tub full of ice water without flinching:

If something like that’s possible *maybe* so is changing your eye color. Lots of people online seem to think so… and also seem to think it works. It doesn’t, just not the way they think it does.

How to Use Hypnosis to Change Your Eye Color

Hypnosis can’t physically change your eye color. You can listen to all the hypnotic Youtube videos to have gold eyes that you want, it won’t happen.

Hypnosis can do something else though.

It can make you hallucinate.

One of my favorite things to do when I’m performing is have the hypnotees hallucinate that I’m invisible. It’s what’s called a “negative” hallucination since it removes something from the hypnotee’s environment (if it added something that wasn’t there before, it’d be a positive hallucination).

If you went into a good trance, and you were given suggestions that your eyes changed color, they might from your own perspective.

So the answer is yes: hypnosis can change your eye color. But not to anyone else but you.

Denver Hypnosis

So hypnosis can’t change your eye color. But it can do a lot of other pretty cool stuff. It can be used to put on a hilarious show, help someone overcome life-long fears, or perform better under pressure. As a hypnotist offering hypnotherapy in Denver, I can help with all of those things and more.

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