How Do I Be Myself?

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There’s a piece of advice I’ve gotten, and maybe you have, too.   It’s mostly given out as advice for social situations, like to make a good impression on that guy or girl you’re interested in, when meeting new people at a party, or when you’re about to enter kindergarten and are worried about if the other kids will like you.   I don’t know if little Mark with his backpack was given this advice when he was about to enter school for the first time, but I have this image of a mom kneeling down in front of her … Read More

Why You Suck at Being Happy and What to Do About It

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547,000,000.   It’s almost double the population of the entire United States. It’s also the number of results Google brings up when you search for “How to Be Happy.”   I think if there’s one, single thing everyone wants, it’s to be happy. Sometimes we go about it in good ways, like helping others and practicing gratitude. Other times we go about it in ways that hurt others.   All to make ourselves feel better.   There’s plenty of articles on being happy, from “Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Happy,” to “The 15 Habits of Incredibly Happy People.” There’s good info in … Read More

How to Break a Bad Habit? Easy, cheat.

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Change… can be hard. There, I said it. There are times when it can actually be pretty easy, but often it’s not. When we want to change a behavior, a self-limiting belief, or even learn a new skill, it can be daunting. When we want to make a change in our lives, we often see everything we don’t like. We see that we’re going to have to change our schedule, change our diet, cut back on activities (or stop giving into temptations) that we enjoy, stop seeing certain people, start using different, more empowering language, take actions that may feel … Read More

The One Personal Development Myth We Love to Fall For

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Easy Street

There’s a personal development myth that’s floating out there in nearly every program and in almost every product we buy, and falling for it can hold us back. It comes from the question, “How can we make things easy?” I’ve been working on building this version of my website for the last month or two, and all sorts of thoughts ran through my head. Old beliefs that I thought I had dealt with crawled out from their caves to say hi. Many of the personal development books and articles I’ve read treat people in a linear fashion. “If you do … Read More