Are You Burned Out or Just Bored?

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burned out or just bored

Back in 2014 I was still teaching Salsa dancing to adults. I didn’t have very many students (each class had around four to six people), but I had enough to pay the studio rental and make a little extra on top of that.

At one point I wanted HUGE classes. Thriving classes with 20 or more people in each one.

I knew what I needed to do to have that many – get my act together online. Advertise. Network more.

I wasn’t doing much of any of it, and at the end of 2014 I stopped teaching dance to move into life coaching.

I could’ve kept the dance classes I had going – I wasn’t losing money – but I didn’t want to. My heart just wasn’t in it anymore.

It would’ve been easy to say I was burned out on it like I had been other times… but I wasn’t. I didn’t dislike it, let alone hate it.

There was something else going on.

I was bored.


Burned Out and Bored

Being burned out isn’t the same as being bored, but it can be. If our work doesn’t engage us anymore, we’ll probably get burned out if we keep doing it.

I left before I got burned out on teaching Salsa – but I was bored of it. I had been teaching for around three years at that point and there was still plenty for me to learn both as an instructor and a dancer.

I could’ve tried to “spice it up” and force the passion back into it, but it wouldn’t have worked – I’d have probably burned myself out even faster.

It was time for me to leave.

Looking back at this experience, and the times I did get truly burned out, I saw a pattern.

I get bored easily.

During high school I was having a lot of fun making music videos out of TV shows and movies (odd hobby, I know), but got bored and instead became excited about writing…

At the end of college I found myself burned out on writing. I was bored of it, and kept forcing myself to do it. Then I discovered Salsa dancing and become hooked on that…

Then life coaching came along and I decided I wanted to do that. During all this time I had a well paying job that I burned out on pretty quickly.

And with coaching? I’m not sure what to say about it. I started out as your general “life coach,” but then after being constantly told I needed to find a niche I decided to focus on “confidence” and then moved onto stress… and then narrowed it to “burn out.”

On the surface it might seem like I can’t stick or commit to something.

It’s not. I just get bored. This past week I realized changing things up was how I was trying to keep myself interested when stuff like “marketing” and “SEO” sucks me dry.

For awhile I had asked myself things like, “Why can’t I just stick to this and make it work?” “Why can’t I be like these other successful people who just decided on one thing?” “Why?”

You’re probably hard on yourself from time to time, and I could really lay into myself.

But then I finally watched a TED Talk I had been meaning to for awhile called “Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling” given by Emilie Wapnick.

It’s about why some people don’t stick to one thing, and what they do instead. Watching the talk helped me be more compassionate toward myself – it’s just the way I am.

I might stick with something for a very short time like my forays into learning the piano or how to draw (as it turns out, I don’t enjoy either), or for several years like writing.

But at some point I’m going to become bored of it and move on.


What does that mean for my coaching practice?

I have no bloody idea.

I enjoy coaching, but I haven’t made much of a living with it and the marketing aspect completely drains me. The result of which is probably obvious: I haven’t been doing it.

I’m not leaving behind coaching, but I probably won’t be having a weekly post/newsletter go out for a time while I figure things out. (Ideally I would have someone else do all the marketing/social networking/stuff for me, but it’s not possible…yet).

UPDATE 6/8/2017: I left life coaching behind. Not because I was bored of it, but because of the lack of interest it turned out to not be able to pay the bills. Sometimes that happens, and that’s ok. I’ve gone into hypnosis and hypnotherapy which I’m enjoying much more and am already seeing a lot more interest (and results) from others.

If You’re Starting to Feel Burned Out…

Check in with yourself to see if you’re getting bored with whatever it is you’re doing.

How do you handle your boredom?

Everyone’s a little different. If you’re bored at work, it could be you need to take on different responsibilities or move to a different position (an engineer I knew was promoted to a manager position… it burned him out, and what made the difference was going back to the position he enjoyed).

For myself, going back to try and breathe life back into my old hobbies doesn’t work. It’s learning new things and putting them to use that gets me jazzed up.

How about you? What keeps you interested and passionate?

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  1. What keeps me passionate is not putting my hobbies in a work related setting. At one point I tried to make a career off of dance and then of photography but realized that art, as least in my life, was meant to be enjoyed as opposed to forced. I then got a “boring” and well paying job as an accountant and realized that’s what I needed. I needed to desperate my passions and hobbies from what I do for a living.

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