Imagine standing up at a podium to speak before an audience and having your legs and arms shake uncontrollably…

Or being in a competition and being so tense that your normally good performance plummets…

Feeling like that whether it’s public speaking, in a competition (whether it’s athletic or otherwise), or even sitting down to a take a test sucks.

You can be a good speaker, athlete, or test taker, but when it comes to following through when it matters you start to choke.

Maybe you’re feeling anxious, tense, or just stressed.

No one should have to feel that way, whether it’s you or your teenage student/athlete.

Instead, I want you to feel confident, be “in the zone” as athletes say, and gain the competitive edge you need whether you’re working to pass the BAR, running in a marathon, or going in for a job interview.

I want you to be able to kick performance stress/anxiety to the curb and be all that you know you’re capable of.

Why? Because I’ve been there and know how it feels. Those examples at the top are a few of the times I’ve personally experienced performance anxiety.

When I was speaking that first time in front of my peers at a conference, I was so glad the podium was there; it hid my legs, which were shaking so badly it was like an electric current was running through them.

Part of my college degree is in Human Performance and Sport. While I was never a marathon runner or golfer myself, I taught Salsa dancing to students throughout the Denver-Metro area. Before I taught, I entered into a couple of competitions.

A little stress can actually help you perform at your best… but when I was competing I would get too stressed and tense. If I was just dancing for fun I would be fine – but put the pressure on and I would choke.

You can be a great student, athlete, or even speaker. But if you choke when everything is on the line, it can be disastrous.

You can fail that test and not get the certification/licensure you want or get into the college you want.

You can lose the match or game (or even the championship), disappointing not only yourself but the people who support you.

And if you choke during a job interview or sales presentation, you can kiss the job or contract goodbye.

That doesn’t have to be you.

I work with people who want to perform at their best under pressure, who want to be in the zone when it matters most.

You might want to make performance anxiety a thing of the past. Or you you might want to be a top performer that wants to push themselves forward and gain that extra competitive edge on the competition.

Gain the Hypnotic Edge

I work with people using hypnosis, and sometimes a little coaching depending on what it is.

Hypnosis might seem a little odd to some people. It’s the process that works with your mind to get the most out of it.

With it we can change performance anxiety to performance confidence. We can use it to push your body farther. We can use it to get you into the flow of peak performance when you want to be, not just when it happens.

In hypnosis, people have eaten onions thinking they’re apples. They’ve been submerged in tanks full of ice while thinking they’re hot tubs. And people in hypnosis can make their body so tense they can easily be suspended between two chairs and support the weight of other people.

And with hypnosis, you can beat the performance stress and become the test taker, athlete, or speaker you’re truly capable of being.

If that’s you, I would love to talk with you and see if we would be a good fit to work together.

If you have questions or want to book sessions, call me at 720-382-0223 for your free performance evaluation call, or click the button below to email me.

Yours in service,

Mark Reagan

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Media Bio:

Mark Reagan is a hypnotist, entertainer, and speaker from Denver, Colorado. He helps adults and teenagers get past test taking anxiety and become the best academic performers they can.

When he’s not helping people improve their academic performance, he’s putting on hilarious hypnosis shows and mysterious house parties. His articles have been read by thousands online on sites such as Tiny Buddha, Pick The Brain, Dumb Little Man, and more.

Mark is a certified hypnotist through the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and is a registered psychotherapist through the State of Colorado.

He’s a published short story writer, and he taught Salsa dancing in the Denver-Metro area for several years.

In his free time, he volunteers with Spellbinders to tell myths, legends, and folktales to elementary students. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

He is available for 1-on-1 sessions, keynote speeches, event entertainment, and interviews.

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